Vikings – The Last Ship

Oh My God ! So who saw EP 10? I’m still buzzing from watching it … Flipping HELL. So here is what happened : It all begins with this intense scene of boats from both sides; this time there are no barriers, ropes or walls to shield them with.The French troops are slightly overwhelmed at the…… Continue reading Vikings – The Last Ship


Vikings EP 3

So it all went a bit mental last week, Bjorn demanding Floki be arrested for the killing of Athelstan. Rangar is in a bit of a pickle because Floki has been one of his oldest and most loyal friends however, you can see he is a little bit relieved he did not have to say it…… Continue reading Vikings EP 3

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Viking Braids <3

OK so since Vikings is  back I just wanted to share one of my favourite hairstyles for both men and women! The Viking Braids! Totally awesome; who knew braids could be styled in soo many ways. So Lagertha one of my Fav characters on the show, portrays real female power and how we are equally…… Continue reading Viking Braids ❤


Vikings Season 4

So for all of you who have been watching Vikings from the beginning how exciting is this?   The King is back ! I am so stoked. For those who have not been watching this series let me give you an insight: The series is inspired by the tales of the trading, exploring and raiding…… Continue reading Vikings Season 4