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Set me free – MD

Why must one despise for what is just? It’s uncertainty that makes you lose trust? I plee to you, teach me to read. Educate my mind, let me be the greatest a woman could possibly become. Gain knowledge and be the one, concurring theories from the great Aristotle, whilst elucidating stars one recalls from Plato.…… Continue reading Set me free – MD

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Logo wool scarf – £205.00 G3674 round tortoise shell sunglasses – £199.00 (Ladies)   Trademark sterling silver heart pendant necklace – £145.00 Heart-motif sterling silver stud earrings -£125.00 Gucci Bamboo eau de parfum – £49.00           Now men if you’re into watches and perfume ❤ YA126409 G-Timeless Collection stainless steel and…… Continue reading Gucci


Hailee Steinfeld – Most girls

  I adore this fairly new song. The tune is super catchy with a great message especially for those young girls who have to deal with all whats in the media and how theres this sterotype for a perfect body or basically the “Perfect Girl” . The songs not just stating how most girls are different it also…… Continue reading Hailee Steinfeld – Most girls