Mein Kampf

Another historical. By now you’re all probs thinking – why isn’t she a historian? I bought this autobiography displaying a tyrant of a man. Literally the most vilest of things. Now I’m sure that you all sometimes wonder, how did he get so far. How did he accomplish something that was & is viewed as…… Continue reading Mein Kampf


Operation Finale

A friend recently suggested I take a look at this film & I certainly am glad I did. If you have a keen interest in WWII history & those movies based on real life events then this is for you. Operation Finale depicts Israeli spies from the Mossad led by Peter Malkin, who worked together…… Continue reading Operation Finale

Just Life <3

Poland – The Książ Castle

So I came across some fantastic information about two places to visit when in Poland. Yet again there’s quite some history to these buildings and some of it being rather dark. The first building is The Książ Castle in Wałbrzych. Whats surreal is that its surrounded by the  the Waldenburg Mountains , almost as though…… Continue reading Poland – The Książ Castle


Under Sandet / Land Of Mine

This movie is a real eye opener regarding the harsh realities of war. So here’s my explanation & the trailer is right at the bottom 🙂 The movie begins with a scene from after the war. Denmark has finally been liberated from German occupation. A Danish sergeant, Carl Leopold Rasmussen harasses German soldiers who attempt…… Continue reading Under Sandet / Land Of Mine


Allied – 2016

I always have been a huge fan of Brad Pitt. So it was inevitable that I would watch this movie too. This is what it’s about : It’s 1942 WWII, Max Vatan who is a Royal Canadian Air Force intelligence officer goes on a mission to Casablanca in Morocco (I love it when Brad speaks…… Continue reading Allied – 2016